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Brushing and Flossing for Kids


We all know that a good oral health starts early. This is why it is very important for parents to find creative ways to teach the little ones the importance of brushing and flossing. The specialists at our dental clinic in Bucharest are experienced in working with children and can help you solve any dental issue that may appear in children, including early orthodontic treatments.

Teeth Whitening Methods


Everybody wants a beautiful white smile and luckily teeth whitening methods are diverse and suited for the needs of every patient. This procedure is among the most requested in any dental clinic and there are various ways to reach the desired result. Our dentists in Bucharest use the best whitening techniques and can teach you how to preserve the effects of a teeth whitening treatment.

Why Does a Dental Crown Fall Out?


Dental crowns are caps made of special materials placed over a tooth in order to improve or restore its shape, size and functionality. So why does a dental crown fall out after it was placed? It can all depend on the quality of the material and the quality of the dental technician’s work but also with the material used to fix it in place. Regardless of why it fell out, a dentist can replace a fallen dental crown and restore the functionality of the tooth.

All about the Dental Dam

The dental dam is a rubber sheet placed on and/or inside the mouth of the patient to allow the dentist to isolate the specific area in which he needs to work. This is generally used in endodontic treatments or even in restorative procedures when the dentist needs to have clean access to one or more teeth and not interfere with the rest of the mouth.

Wisdom Teeth Problems


Wisdom teeth can cause problems if they break through the gums partially or if the jaw is not large enough to allow them to grow properly. A dentist will be able to perform an X-Ray and determine if you need to remove your wisdom teeth or they can grow properly.

Choosing the Right Type of Braces for Your Needs


When your dentist tells you that you have an orthodontic problem that needs to be solved you want to know how you can choose the right type of braces for your needs. There are many options available today that depend on the length of the treatment, the purpose of the orthodontic correction and last but not least, the aesthetic appearance. Our dentists in Bucharest can recommend the best braces if you have an orthodontic problem.

Choosing the Right Type of Dental Implant for You


The right type of dental implant is important if you want to have a natural looking smile and have all the benefits of having a normal bite strength in your teeth. Dental implants feel, look and function like a natural tooth and they are chosen by many patients who suffer from tooth loss. Our dentists in Bucharest work with the best types of materials that are both durable and time and bio-compatible.

Bio Dentistry


Bio Dentistry (biological dentistry) also known as holistic dentistry represents a complementary and alternative method to treaties common dental problems. This type of dentistry uses different, sometimes unconventional practices and dismisses the use of certain materials as well as the use of surgical approaches to dental issues. Although in some cases this type of treatment can prove effective, serious dental problems must be treated by a dentist. Our dentists in Bucharest are up to date with the latest treatments and alternative therapies and can tell you more about holistic approaches to dentistry.

Dental Problems for Children


Not only adults suffer from various dental problems. Children are dental patients too and they benefit from special care offered by a pediatric dentist. At our dental clinic in Romania we work with patients from around the world and small patients receive the best care possible.

Choosing the Color of Your Dental Crowns


The use of dental crowns is becoming more popular and people who request the procedure, either as part of a dental implant or as a cosmetic procedure, want their new tooth to look as good as possible. Choosing the right color for the dental crown is an essential step and one that will determine how the new tooth will look on you. Our dentists in Bucharest will help you choose the right shade of white for a dental crown or a dental veneer.

Choosing the Best Type of Dental Crowns


The best type of dental crown is the one suited to your specific needs. A number of factors are relevant when choosing the right material for the crown and you should consider having a discussion with your dentist in Bucharest about the right option for you. Dental crowns restorations are a common procedure requested by dental travel patients in Bucharest because of the smaller costs than in other European countries.

The Approximate Time Scale for a Dental Implant Procedure in Romania


Dental implants are some of the most requested procedures by foreign dental patients. The lower costs than in countries like Switzerland or Austria make Romania the best option for those who want to perform this dental procedure. Dental implants are influenced by the particularities of each patient this is why the time scale for a dental implant procedure can differ. 

Admission to the Carol Davila Medicine and Pharmacy University in Bucharest


It is well known that Romania has excellent dentists and the country is one of the most popular destinations for dental tourism abroad. But patients who come here for dental treatments usually have no idea how hard their dentists have learned. The University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest has one of the most prestigious Faculties of Dentistry in Romania and students come here from all over the country and from abroad.

The lowest prices for root canal treatments in Europe


Romania has some of the lowest prices for dental treatments in the world and European patients come here to solve various dental problems. Root canal treatments, also known as endodontic treatments, are among the procedures that have a low price compared to other European countries. If you are interested in these types of treatments, our dentists in Bucharest can help you.

The lowest prices for surgical extractions in Europe


Romania is a well-known destination for dental tourism and prices here are lower than in other European countries, especially in western countries like Germany or France. Romania also has low prices for surgical extractions so if you are in need of removing a badly decayed tooth, our dentists in Bucharest can help you.

The lowest dental prices for implants in Europe


Romania is a popular destination for dental tourism abroad and one of the main reasons why people come to this east European country for dental treatments is that Romania has some of the lowest dental prices for implants in Europe. Compared to countries like France or Germany, where the same procedure is more expensive, the savings will most likely make the visitor want to spend more time in the country and visit Romania’s most beautiful places.

Dental and medical tourism over the last three years


People have always looked for the most affordable option for dental treatments abroad and other medical treatments. In recent years, Romania has established itself as a well-known and appreciated destination for dental and medical tourism. Patients who come here benefit from lower prices and high-quality medical and dental treatments. Over the last three years, the number of foreign patients coming to Romania has increased considerably and our dentists enjoy treating patients from all over the world.

Legal requirements for the sterilization of dental instruments


Dental clinics have to comply with strict requirements for the sterilization of dental instruments. According to their purpose, dental instruments can be more or less exposed to dangerous bacteria and microbes. Our dental clinics in Bucharest use internationally approved sterilization methods and our offices are equipped to observe the legal requirements. If you are interested in dental treatments abroad, Romania is your safest choice.

The best dental colleges in Romania


Romania is known for its high quality dental services and dedicated dentists. This is why a large number of people choose the Carpathian country as their destination for dental treatments abroad. Dentists in Bucharest are highly trained, professional and have a good work ethic. They will talk through any problem and work out the best treatment plan together with you so that you can understand the reasons behind any necessary dental procedure. What is their secret? Our dentists are so efficient and professional because they go through years of training and hard study at some of the best dental schools in the country.

Romania has world renowned dentists

Romania is a top destination for any foreigner interested in dental treatments abroad. Dental services in Romania are more affordable than in other western European countries, like France or Great Britain and those coming here for simple or complex procedures know that they can rely on the professionalism of the dentists. The reason why Romania has world renowned dentists has as much to do with the training system as with the dedication and passion with which dentists do their job.

Participating at the Incoming Romania Travel Forum


Dental tourism is a very important part of tourism in Romania. We truly believe it is a domain worth promoting and worth investing in and all the benefits of dental tourism are undeniable.  Therefore, at RomanianDentalTourism we spare no effort in order to promote dental vacations and tourism in Romania in general. One of our future actions in this respect is the future participation in a specialized conference named Incoming Romania Travel Forum, which is specially targeted towards agencies with the purpose of increasing incoming tourism in Romania.

Top 10 most unhealthy foods for your teeth


The food we eat can have an important impact not only on our overall health but also on our teeth. Although there are many dental treatments available that can solve any problem, it is best to avoid dental decay by paying attention to your eating habits. Prevention is key for a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. Our dentists have made a list of the ten unhealthiest foods that damage your teeth.

Jokes About Dentists


Dentists don't necessarily need to cause fear or remind you of unpleasant experiences. There are plenty of jokes that remind us of the funnier situations in which patients who come in for dental treatments can end up in. And there are plenty of funny dentist jokes, too. We have gathered here some of the funniest jokes about dentists and their patients.

Dentophobia or fear of the dentist


Dental fear, also known as dentophobia or odontophobia is the fear of dentistry and of receiving dental treatments. The fear can be excessive or unreasonable and can cause the patients to avoid any kind of dental treatments. The phobia can be caused by previous painful or even traumatic dental experiences. There are various degrees of dental phobia, and while most people suffer from mild degrees of fear, it is best to seek professional help for treating severe cases of dental fear

How was the toothbrush invented?


We all know that good oral health begins with oral hygiene and the toothbrush plays the most important role. It seems that our ancestors, starting with the Babylonians and the Egyptians also knew the importance of brushing teeth and invented early on different techniques for cleaning their teeth and gums. Today people have a wide variety of toothbrushes to choose from, but your dentist will generally recommend a soft toothbrush that will not harm your gums.