Meet our Team

Meet our Team Updated on 05/14/2016

You can convince yourself of the expertise and education of our Romanian dentists by reading about each of them below:

Dr. Adin Talasman.jpgDr. Adin Talasman leads our very dedicated team of Romanian dentists and makes sure all patients receive a complete treatment plan that will solve all their problems. He is specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery since 1999, implantology since 2006 and maxillofacial radiology since 2005. He graduated from the Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest with a degree in Dentistry in 1994 and with a degree in General Medicine in 1999. He attended the Periodontology Therapy and Aesthetics Seminar with Professor Anton Sculean in Timisoara in 2008 and the Periodontology and Implantology Seminar with Professor Paul Mattout in France in 2014.

Dr. Cristina Novac.jpg

Dr Cristina Novac is a certified doctor in General Dentistry. She graduated in 2006 from Victor Babes  University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Timisoara, where she studied dentistry for 6 years. She started her own office C.M.I. DR.CRISTINA NOVAC in Iasi in November 2010 and now she has over 7 years of expertise as a general dentist. There are an impressive number of cabinets that benefited from dr. Novac’s expertise over the years, like Alex Dent SRL- Iasi, Karident, Dentesse, Uzina De Zambete. Her specialties include esthetic dentistry, surgery, therapy, endodontics, prosthetics and pedodontics. She is a member of the Esthetic Dentistry Society in Romania from 2010 and of the Dental College in Romania from 2007. She speaks English and Russian.

She participated in numerous conferences over the past 6 years among which we enumerate the following:

  • ·         05.09.2013 - The ABC of Composite Restorations of Front Teeth – Prof. Dr. Lorenzo Vanini;
  • ·         15.o6.2012 - Aesthetic  implant treatment in the frontal area  – Lector Conferentiar  Dr. Paul Mattout;
  • ·         08.06.2011 - Theoretical and Practical Course  - Modern Techniques in Preparing and Filling Root Canals, Preparation with the Rotary Twisted Files (SybronEndo); Hot Vertical Condensation Obturation with  Elements  Obturation Unit  (SybronEndo);
  • ·         12.03.2011 - Theoretical course - Fundamental Principles of Direct Composite Resin Restorations;
  • ·         18.06.2010 - Theoretical course - Introduction to Contemporary Periodontal Surgery: basic incisions, flaps and suture;
  • ·         18.06.2010 - Theoretical course - From Diagnosis to Treatment Plan;
  • ·         09-11.03.2009 - Prevention of dental diseases – the 15th National Conference;
  • ·         10-12.04.2008 - Prevention of dental diseases – the 14th National Conference ;
  • ·         20-21.03.2008 - News on Risk medical emergency dental surgery.

Dr. Voiculescu Ana.jpg

Dr. Voiculescu Anca graduated from the Gr.T.Popa  General Medicine University in Iasi  in 2002 and from the Carol Davila Dentistry University in Bucharest in 2009. She has a 12 years’ work experience in medicine and dentistry and is a member of the Esthetic Dentistry Society in Romania. She also published several articles in the post popular dentistry magazines in Romania. Her areas of expertise are dental aesthetics, prosthetics and restorative dentistry. She speaks English and French. These are the courses and conferences she attended during her dentistry career:

  • ·         11-13.09.2014 SRS –GAO-UTM Dentistry Congress;
  • ·         March 2014 Endodontics hands-on course - Restoring Crown-Root Devital Teeth from A to Z;
  • ·         2012-2013 Restorative Dentistry hands-on courses of using the Enamel Hri, Micerium composite;
  • ·         09.09.2011 Endodontics Course -  The Application of a Vertical Condensation Techniques  of Gutta  by Using the Elements Obturation Unit System;
  • ·         27-28.07.2011 Workshop – How Do We Protect Ourselves from Malpraxis;
  • ·         26-28.05.2011 Aesthetic  Dentistry International Congress;
  • ·         01.04.2011 Course - Vector Polishing Technique for Large Bridges;
  • ·         30.10.2010 Course - Implications of Bisphosphonate Therapy in Dentistry;
  • ·         14-17.04.2010 Course - Current Trends in Minimally Invasive Dentistry and Implant-Prosthetic Rehabilitation
  • ·         19-21.11.2004 National Conference on Emergency Toxicology
  • ·         02-04.10.2003 Course - Clinic Toxicology organized by the New York University & Bellevue Hospital

Dr. Cristina Radutoiu.jpg

Dr. Cristina Radutoiu has been a physician in General Dentistry since 1996, with competence in endodontics since 2006 and maxillary dental radiology since 2003. She graduated from the Carol Davila Dentistry University in Bucharest in 1994. Over the years she has worked in private and state owned clinics. Her patients are the lucky beneficiaries of a complex treatment plan resulted from a diagnosis that considers all financial and paraclinic aspects of that respective case and she makes sure all patients are comfortable with her. She performed treatments of preventive dentistry, aesthetics and endodontics, milk teeth treatments, dental prosthetics and good collaboration with practitioners in dentoalveolar surgery and orthodontics. She speaks English fluently.


In our work we are grateful to benefit from the help, gentleness and professionalism of our team of dental assistants and we acknowledge we would not be able to provide our clients all the solutions and treatments without them.






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