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Brief History of Dental Tourism


Dental tourism is an increasingly more popular practice in Europe and around the world. This sub-sector of medical tourism combines the advantages of having scheduled the necessary dental procedures at a more affordable location and enjoying a holiday in a country you did not have the chance to visit before. Patients can choose a dental clinic in Romania or Poland if they are European citizens or Mexico, Argentina, Thailand or Dubai if they live elsewhere in the world. 

Canker Sores: Causes and Treatment


Canker sores are a small ulceration located on the mouth or lips and they are not uncommon in many dental patients. These can be caused by a variety of factors, including stress or small injuries. You should not be alarmed if they appear after a visit at the dental clinic. These small affections are bothersome but the discomfort will usually last only a few days. A dentist who sees that you are prone to canker sores after an initial visit can recommend various dietary changes and if needed, medication.

500,000 people to come for medical tourism in Dubai


Dubai is an attractive holiday destination and, in the last years, it has become an important location for dental tourism for thousands of patients all around the world. By 2020, the authorities in Dubai want to attract 500,000 medical tourists per year and to build 22 hospitals, transforming this city into a major medial tourism destination.

Loose Teeth in Adults: Treatment and Causes

As a child, the perspective of losing a tooth was a cause for joy and even a visit from the tooth fairy. But as an adult, if you sense that a tooth is becoming loose, you should visit the dentist as soon as possible. A number of causes can be to blame for loose teeth and you should talk to a dentist who will be able to tell you more about your options, including tooth replacement options like dental implants.


Common Dental Care Mistakes


Brushing your teeth is very important for the overall oral hygiene but you must keep in mind that other steps are essential for a flawless smile. You should try to avoid the following common dental care mistakes as often as possible in order to be able to maintain a good oral health.

Try Our Dental Calculator


Our dentists in Bucharest present the newly launched Save on Dental calculator, a useful tool for foreign patients who want to know how much they can save for dental treatments if they choose to request the services of our dental clinic. Patients who are in need of a dental treatment will often postpone it because of financial reasons and the lack of information regarding the actual costs of the treatment. If you are interested in dental travel abroad but are unsure of the total costs of the dental treatment in Romania, plus the accommodation and travel expense, you can now use our dental price calculator to receive a cost estimate that will help you plan your trip.

Common Causes for Bleeding Gums

Spitting blood while brushing or flossing might not raise any concerns at first. However, no sign of an unhealthy gum should be left untreated for too long. The causes for bleeding gums can be as simple as insufficient dental cleaning but the factors that trigger bleeding gums can be much serious or associated with other conditions. 

Types of Dental Bridges and the Differences Between Them


There are two types of dental bridges: fixed or removable. The decision to use one or another as a solution for replacing missing teeth will depend on the patient’s personal preference and any previous experience with dental fixtures (if any). A dentist will evaluate your case and will recommend one or another based both on your preference but also on the remaining bone and gum tissue.

Vitamins and Minerals that are Good for Your Teeth


We all know that a healthy diet and good oral hygiene are important for healthy teeth. Vitamins and minerals play a key role in the health of our mouth and they can either be found in our daily food or as supplements. A dentist can recommend that you take special supplements that contain the essential nutrients needed to maintain the health of your teeth.

Dental Conditions Associated with Aging


As we grow older, we are more prone to developing certain dental problems. Certain medication used for other health conditions can contribute to the health of our teeth and it is important to make sure that we follow an age-appropriate dental routine.  Our bodies and mouth change as we age and a dentist can help us understand how to adjust our dental needs with aging.

Dry Mouth: Why Should You Pay Attention to this Condition?


Dry mouth is a cause of concern because it can lead to the development of cavities. Without saliva that helps reduce the acids from food and the adherence of food particles to the teeth, the mouth has less protection against tooth decay. Dry mouth can have a number of causes or it can relate to other health issues. Regardless of the cause, you should talk to a dentist to see how this affects your overall oral health. 

Why You Shouldn't Fear a Dental Implant Surgery


Dental implants are commonly requested by patients who want to benefit from a natural-looking and durable solution for their missing teeth. This procedure relies on a special process that involves bone-to-titanium fusion. Because it is more complex than other treatments, some patients fear a dental implant surgery. However, this alone should not be the reason to refuse the technique. Dental implants have a high success rate.

Traditional vs Electric Toothbrushes

Oral healthcare is very important and today we have a wide range of options to choose from: manual or electric tooth brushes, various types of toothpaste and dental floss as well as tooth whitening kits and devices. When it comes to the best type of toothbrush they both have their pros and cons but whatever you use the main concern should be adequate and regular tooth brushing

Invisalign: A Modern Approach on Teeth Straightening


Invisalign is a teeth straightening system that uses pressure but it is not made of metal, as the traditional dental braces you are accustomed to. This dental aligner is made of transparent material so that you can enjoy the comfort of talking and smiling at ease even when you are wearing it. Our dentists in Bucharest work with the best materials and make up personalised treatment plans so that you can smile with confidence.

Oral Health Problems During Pregnancy


Pregnant women are more at risk of developing gum disease because of the increased levels of progesterone during pregnancy. This triggers an exaggerated response of the body to plaque bacteria. A dentist can help you prevent gingivitis early on. You should talk to a dentist shortly after you find out that you are pregnant so that you can have time to develop a healthy dental care routine.

The Dental Treatment of the Abscessed Tooth


An abscessed tooth is essentially a badly infected tooth where the infection has spread at the root and/or between the gum and the tooth. The dentist will treat this dental problem by cleaning the infected tissue, eliminating the infection and offering the patient adequate solutions for preventing other infections. This type of dental problem can be associated with other issues like gum disease or trauma to the tooth.

Chronic Bad Breath Causes and Treatment


Bad breath is a dreaded problem but it is common in many individuals who don’t practice good oral health habits or who eat and drink certain foods. A dentist can treat the cause of bad breath and he can also give you recommendations for future care, treatment and prevention. If this problem is related to a dental issue, like gum problems, the dentist will be able to treat the disease and help you get rid of bad breath.

Jaw Pain: Causes and Treatment


Sometimes jaw pain can be caused by a dental treatment. Although a certain degree of pain ca occur after specific dental interventions, it should disappear in a day or two and can usually be treated with simple pain killers. When the pain is more persistent and the patient experiences constant discomfort, the dentist can look for signs of a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD).

Early Diagnosis for Root Canal Problems


Root canal problems can cause episodes of nearly unbearable pain for the patient. This will usually be the first sign that the tooth has been badly affected by decay and needs treatment. The best thing you can do is see a dentist if you experience any pain. Any ignored symptoms can lead to an aggravation of the problem and yes, even more pain.

Correction of Chipped Teeth


A chipped tooth has a story to tell: it could have been a fall, a bite of something hard or show traces of a fight. Regardless of the manner in which the tooth was broken, its possessor should seek help from a dentist. A broken or chipped tooth might not seem like a great deal at first, especially if it is not one of the front-facing teeth. But over time even the slightest chip can lead to more extensive tooth damage.

Sensitive Teeth Understanding and Treating Them


What is tooth sensitivity? That pain in your teeth when you eat or drink something cold, hot or even sweet. It is not uncommon and it appears over time, especially if the patient hasn’t paid attention to preventing tooth decay or using adequate products. A dentist can help you treat sensitive teeth so that you can enjoy any foods or drinks without any dental pain.

Everything about Dental Grills


Dental grills are a type of dental jewelry placed over the teeth which is still very popular. The trend is associated with the hip-hop culture and became more popular during the mid-2000s. These metal accessories for the teeth are personalized according to the tooth impression of the wearer. If you want to follow this trend and get a personalized dental grill the best thing is to talk to a dentist before getting one.

Romanian Taxi is the Cheapest in the EU


Romania is a popular destination for dental treatments abroad because of its low prices but also because of affordable accommodation and transportation options. The taxi in Romania is the cheapest in Europe and this transportation option is popular for tourists who come for dental treatments in the country.

A Guide on Choosing Your Toothpaste


With so many brands and types of toothpaste on the market, choosing the right one can seem like a challenge. If you have special needs, like severe gum problems, a dentist will be able to help you buy a special toothpaste that can aid your treatment. However, the best type of toothpaste for the everyday user is the one that best suits your oral health needs.

Orhideea Residential Gardens Bucharest

Orhideea Gardens is a modern residential complex in Bucharest that offers high quality apartments and offices, complete with various facilities. Our dental clinic is located in this beautiful residential complex and foreign patients can stay here during their dental trip in Romania.