Top 10 most unhealthy foods for your teeth

Top 10 most unhealthy foods for your teeth

Written by: Romanian Dental Team


We are what we eat

The food we eat can have an important impact not only on our overall health but also on our teeth. Although there are many dental treatments available that can solve any problem, it is best to avoid dental decay by paying attention to your eating habits. Prevention is key for a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. Our dentists have made a list of the ten unhealthiest foods that damage your teeth.

1. Sweets

Candy, cookies, cakes, muffins and all other sorts of snack foods are a leading cause for tooth decay and the development of tooth cavities. Children are especially vulnerable to this food group but adults with a sweet tooth are no further away from the danger of too much sugar. The good news is that sweets are less harmful for your teeth if consumed in a moderate way.

2. Sodas

Popular sodas we all know are love can also have a bad impact on your teeth of consumed excessively. These drinks usually contain a very high percentage of sugars that make you crave for a drink but also harm your teeth. Drinking these sodas bathes the teeth is a sugar bath which can lead to tooth decay.

3. Coffee

Coffee is a must have for many people and although it is a source of antioxidants and can be good for you, as in the case of sodas and candy, too much coffee can be bad for your teeth. Although specialists have found a number of benefits related to drinking coffee, our dentists recommend that you do not exaggerate on your coffee intake and on the amount of sugar.

4. Tea

Tea may seem a healthier alternative to coffee, but some black teas can stain the teeth just as coffee or red wine do. Some studies revealed another possible harmful effect of drinking tea: some herbal teas can erode the enamel more than others. Staining caused by the tannin in tea can be removed through the teeth whitening procedure.

5. Citrus fruit

Grapefruit and lemon juice are very acidic and can cause erosion in the tooth enamel. Although the effects of these acidic fruits only occur in time, if possible it is best to replace these drinks from time to time with orange juice, which was found to be less harmful for the teeth. 

6. Pickles

Like citrus fruits, pickles also contain a high amount of acid, from the vinegar which is used to conserve them. The presence of this acid can also have a negative impact on the tooth enamel and can wear out the teeth in time. However, eating a pickle now and then is not likely to cause that much damage.

7. Starchy foods

Chips are not a favorite on the list of foods to eat every day and they are also bad for your teeth. Potato chips and soft breads get dissolved in your mouth are likely to reach any hard to get place in your mouth. This can be avoided by brushing your teeth thoroughly and flossing.

8. Alcohol 

Drinking alcohol causes the body to dehydrate and the mouth to become dry. Excessive drinking thus reduces the saliva flow, the mouths’ natural cleaner. In time, such an excess can heal to more serious problems, like gum disease


9. Sports drinks

Like sodas, sports drinks can be harmful for your teeth. Although many of these claim to be supplemented with minerals or vitamins to help you after a long workout, these beverages are also acidic and can damage the tooth enamel. Moreover, they also usually contain high amounts of sugar.


10. Certain medicine

Some medicines ca cause dryness in the mouth and certain medications can also influence the dental treatment most suited for your condition. Certain medications for osteoporosis have been linked to damage caused to the jaw. You should talk both to your physician and your dentist about how your medical treatment can influence the health of your teeth.
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