Participating at the Incoming Romania Travel Forum

Participating at the Incoming Romania Travel Forum

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

Forumul de Incoming editia a II aDental tourism is a very important part of tourism in Romania. We truly believe it is a domain worth promoting and worth investing in and all the benefits of dental tourism are undeniable.  Therefore, at RomanianDentalTourism we spare no effort in order to promote dental vacations and tourism in Romania in general. One of our future actions in this respect is the future participation in a specialized conference named Incoming Romania Travel Forum, which is specially targeted towards agencies with the purpose of increasing incoming tourism in Romania.

According to the National Institute of Statistics in Romania the news are very encouraging: the number of foreign tourists visiting the country last year increased with 12% last year in comparison to 20013. In addition, their spending here also increased with approximately 6%. As for medical tourism, at global level it represents an entire industry with an increasingly competitive market. Countries worldwide are constantly improving their offers in the attempt to attract as many patients as possible. For example the Indian dental market has reached an estimated value of 1 billion euros, Malaysia extended its visa for foreign tourists from one to six months and Thailand already practices prices five times below those of USA. The Romanian dental tourism market is still at its beginning with a value of 250 million dollars but we have high expectations for the future.

Therefore promoting dental tourism in Romania is one of our most important priorities. We are happy to be partners with The Incoming Romania Travel Forum, happy to find agencies and people that share our interests and goals. The conference will take place on the 26th of March 2015 and participants will benefit from the experience and knowledge of international and local speakers, experts in incoming tourism. Furthermore, participants can use the brake time for networking and kick-start discussions with possible future business partners.

For more information regarding the agenda and organizational details you can access their website and even contact the organizers for detailed information.