Romania has world renowned dentists

Romania has world renowned dentists

Written by: Romanian Dental Team


Romania is a top destination for any foreigner interested in dental treatments abroadDental services in Romania are more affordable than in other western European countries, like France or Great Britain and those coming here for simple or complex procedures know that they can rely on the professionalism of the dentists. The reason why Romania has world renowned dentists has as much to do with the training system as with the dedication and passion with which dentists do their job.


Dentistry in Romania

Dentistry is a branch of medicine and students who want to become dentists have to face six years of dental school and afterwards enter into a residency programme. This means that dentists in Romania are always learning and it takes years of hard work, dedication and study to become an accomplished dentist.
Medical Universities exist in a number of large Romanian cities which means that good dentists can be found throughout the country and patients interested in dental tourism have many options when choosing the right dental office. However, Bucharest is the top destination for foreign dental patients.
Traveling to Romania is easy from any European capital and even for other countries. Accommodation and transportation are both very affordable and tourists will discover many places to visit in Bucharest as well as many other beautiful places in Romania. For a detailed comparison between dental prices in Romania and those in other countries, you can check our Case Study page, where you will find more detailed information.

Professionals who love their job

Our dentists in Bucharest specialize in various fields of dentistry. They have years of experience between them and together they form a perfect team that can offer you solutions for any dental treatment.
Our doctors specialized in general dentistry can help you with popular procedures, like teeth whitening or root canal treatments. While our professionals specialized in oral and maxillofacial surgery can perform more complicated procedures. The doctors work closely with the dental assistants who make sure that patients are comfortable and have understood all there is to know about the procedure.
Romanian dentists are able to perform their work not only because they have years of training behind them. But also because they have a human approach to the profession they love. Dentistry is more than solving dental problems, it is also about relating to the patient and understanding his or her needs.
If you are looking for dental treatments abroad, you can find more information about Romania and our dentists on the romaniandentaltourism page. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.




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