Dental and medical tourism over the last three years

Dental and medical tourism over the last three years

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

Dental_and_medical_tourism_over_the_last_three_years.jpgPeople have always looked for the most affordable option for dental treatments abroad and other medical treatments. In recent years, Romania has established itself as a well-known and appreciated destination for dental and medical tourism. Patients who come here benefit from lower prices and high-quality medical and dental treatments. Over the last three years, the number of foreign patients coming to Romania has increased considerably and our dentists enjoy treating patients from all over the world.

The same treatment, at almost half the cost

The prices for medical and dental procedures in Romania be as 40% lower than in other countries like France, Italy or Germany. And the quality of the treatment is in no way affected by the lower price. Patients are pleased to find out that Romanian dentists are passionate and professional and that Romanian doctors are highly trained and dedicated to their work.
Dental tourism is the most profitable form of medical tourism in Romania, followed closely by aesthetic surgery. The prices practiced by dental offices in Bucharest and in Romania are the same as for Romanians and dentists enjoy treating foreign patients. Some even come from Japan or the United States.
Some of the most requested dental procedures are those involving cosmetic dentistry, like teeth whitening or dental implants, which are more expensive in west European countries.

Strong potential for development

In 2011, approximately 60.000 foreign patients have come to Romania seeing various dental and medical treatments. The number has grown since then and analysts believe that the dental tourism industry will continue to increase by 17% until 2020. It was also estimated that the total revenue from dental tourism in the country could reach 500 million euros per year starting with 2015.
Medical tourism in Romania could also see an increase in the following years, especially in the balneotherapy resorts and various surgical procedures that are more expensive in other countries.
Our dental clinics in Bucharest offer complete dental treatment plans and our experts are ready to help you plan your dental trip to Romania. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


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