The lowest dental prices for implants in Europe

The lowest dental prices for implants in Europe

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

The_lowest_dental_prices_for_implants_in_Europe.jpgRomania is a popular destination for dental tourism abroad and one of the main reasons why people come to this east European country for dental treatments is that Romania has some of the lowest dental prices for implants in Europe. Compared to countries like France or Germany, where the same procedure is more expensive, the savings will most likely make the visitor want to spend more time in the country and visit Romania’s most beautiful places.

Comparison to west European countries

Dental implants are some of the most requested procedures in Romania and this is because the total cost of the procedure is significantly lower than in west European countries. While in the United Kingdom the cost for a dental implant will start at some 1600 £, in Romania the same procedure starts at only 450 euros. The same applies for countries like Germany, where dental implants start at over 1000 euros.
People from all over the world are choosing Romania as their destination for dental tourism. Patients come from as far as Japan and the United States and our dentists in Bucharest are no strangers to foreign patients who leave Romania smiling better than ever. And they have every reason to smile: if in Romania dental implants start at 450 euros, an American would have to pay approximately 3500 $ for the same procedure.

Dental implants: a look at the procedure

The reason why dental implants are among the most costly dental procedures is that they are very complex. The implant is essentially a high quality metal that is inserted in the patient's mandible or jaw, so that it will fuse to the bone (thanks to the osseointegration process) and it will become the basis for the future prosthetics. Our dentists in Bucharest will work with the best materials and will carefully monitor the evolution of the implant. Last but not least, the final step will be to choose a suitable dental crown to go on top of the implant. In Romania, dental crowns from durable materials are also more affordable than in other countries.
If you are interested in dental implants, please do not hesitate to contact our dentists in Romania. We will help you plan your trip and our expert dentists will create the best treatment plan for your needs.


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