The lowest prices for root canal treatments in Europe

The lowest prices for root canal treatments in Europe

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

The_lowest_prices_for_root_canal_treatments_in_Europe.jpgRomania has some of the lowest prices for dental treatments in the world and European patients come here to solve various dental problems. Root canal treatments, also known as endodontic treatments, are among the procedures that have a low price compared to other European countries. If you are interested in these types of treatments, our dentists in Bucharest can help you.

Endodontic treatments

Root canal treatments are the solution for treating teeth that are damaged on the inside. They are necessary in order to avoid surgical extractions and other complications to the tooth that may extend to the other teeth. They are caused by infections inside the mouth and can be caused by poor dental hygiene.
Our dentists in Bucharest can determine how badly your tooth is affected and can commence the endodontic treatment, essentially a cleaning of the inside of the tooth in order to remove as much of the infection as possible without having to remove the tooth.
Root canal treatments start at 70 euros for a classic endodontic treatment and reach a maximum price of 340 euros for endodontic treatments performed under a microscope for multiple teeth.

Comparison to other European countries

Dentists in Romania are renowned professionals who work with dedication and passion. The lower prices are not an indicator or poorer services. On the contrary, our team works with the best materials and can offer you great prices for dental crowns, should you need such a filling after the endodontic treatment
As a comparison, root canal treatments in the UK start at about 200 euros and in Belgium the same procedure can start at 120 euros. Germany and France are another two European countries that have much higher prices for dental treatments than Romania. Patients from as far as the United States have also visited our clinics in Bucharest and were satisfied with the results.
If you need more information about endodontic treatments, you can contact our dentists in Romania. One of our general dentistry doctors will explain the procedure and will give you more details about the costs.
You can also submit an inquiry if you are interested in other affordable dental treatments like surgical extractions.


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