The lowest prices for surgical extractions in Europe

The lowest prices for surgical extractions in Europe

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

The_lowest_prices_for_surgical_extractions_in_Europe.jpgRomania is a well-known destination for dental tourism and prices here are lower than in other European countries, especially in western countries like Germany or France. Romania also has low prices for surgical extractions so if you are in need of removing a badly decayed tooth, our dentists in Bucharest can help you.

Surgical extractions: simple and sometimes necessary

Although the prospect of a surgical extraction is not what patients have in mind when they enter the dentist’s office sometimes these are necessary in order to remove a tooth that is beyond repair and would only risk of spreading the infection. 
Dental extractions are also necessary when the patient suffers from a severe case of gum disease or if the dentists decides that the tooth is better to be removed so that an orthodontic treatment can be successful. Our dentists in Romania will decide if this is an option for you and they will also present you with a suitable alternative for replacing the tooth.

Affordable prices for surgical extractions in Romania

Our clinics in Bucharest work with the best materials and our dentists are highly trained, still you won’t feel like you have just spent a fortune on a dental treatment. The prices for surgical extractions in Romania start at 35 euros for mono-root extractions. As a comparison, the same procedure can have a starting price of 70 euros and as much as 100 euros. In France, surgical extractions will also start at more than 70 euros. 
Our dentists will perform the surgical extraction procedure with care and using a suitable anesthetic. Any discomfort after the extraction will be easily treated with over-the-counter medication like painkillers.
Please contact our dentists in Bucharest for detailed information about surgical extractions. You can also check our price list for surgical extractions. If you have decided to schedule an appointment in Bucharest, our dentists will be happy to help you plan your trip to Romania.
We love to see you smile! In Romania you will also find the lowest prices for other dental procedures, like dental implants.


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