Admission to the Carol Davila Medicine and Pharmacy University in Bucharest

Admission to the Carol Davila Medicine and Pharmacy University in Bucharest

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

Admission_to_the_Carol_Davila_Medicine_and_Pharmacy_University_in_Bucharest.jpgIt is well known that Romania has excellent dentists and the country is one of the most popular destinations for dental tourism abroad. But patients who come here for dental treatments usually have no idea how hard their dentists have learned. The University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest has one of the most prestigious Faculties of Dentistry in Romania and students come here from all over the country and from abroad.

Multi-talented dentists

Those who dream of becoming dentists in Romania know that they have to embark on a six year trip of learning and passing various exams. The first examination they need to go through is the admittance examination for the Faculty of Dentistry. As in other universities in Romania, the one in Bucharest has an exam that combines two different areas of study: biology is mandatory and candidates can choose between chemistry and physics. They have to answer a total of 100 questions, 60 for the mandatory discipline and 40 for the optional one.
The mandatory biology examination contains questions from areas like the nervous system, endocrine glands, movement, nutrition, circulation, metabolism and others. Organic chemistry is required for the optional chemistry examination and elements of thermodynamics and electricity are required for the physics examination.
After a thorough examination, it is only expected that future dentists will learn a lot over the next six years of their academic training. After graduation, future dentists can look forward choosing a specialty. Our dentists in Bucharest are experienced in general dentistry but out offices in Bucharest can also perform highly specialized procedures like oral and maxillofacial surgery or treat special categories of patients, like children.

International relations

“Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy has concluded more than 70 bilateral agreements with other universities around the world. Teachers participate in various exchange programmes and the university also offers classes in English for foreign students or for ERASMUS students.
If you would like to know more about dentistry in Romania you can contact our dentists in Bucharest.


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