Choosing the Color of Your Dental Crowns

Choosing the Color of Your Dental Crowns

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

Choosing-the-Color-of-Your-Dental-Crowns.jpgThe use of dental crowns is becoming more popular and people who request the procedure, either as part of a dental implant or as a cosmetic procedure, want their new tooth to look as good as possible. Choosing the right color for the dental crown is an essential step and one that will determine how the new tooth will look on you. Our dentists in Bucharest will help you choose the right shade of white for a dental crown or a dental veneer.

The best color for your teeth

More and more people are requesting cosmetic dentistry services and the most important factor that can determine the overall look of the patient’s smile after the procedures is the color of the dental crown or veneer used by the dentist. There are many types of dental crowns and while some are suited for replacements in areas in the back of the mouth, other like porcelain are suitable for replacing front teeth because they will look natural and offer a perfect smile.
Our dentists in Bucharest use dental shade guides, samples of the “natural” colors of the teeth. They work as guidelines for determining the color of your natural teeth so that the newly replaced ones will have a color that is as similar as possible. Most dental patients will request a lighter color than the average one especially if they also want to perform a teeth whitening procedure on the rest of their teeth.
If you are a dental patient in Romania, our dentists will work with you so that you can choose the right shade for you.

Materials and their influence on the color

Apart from selecting the right shade from the color chart, the patient must also be aware that the materials used for dental replacements also have other characteristics that can influence the color. Porcelain is the most used material for natural looking dental crowns and dental veneers because it reflects light much in the same way as a natural tooth. However, this material has other qualities like translucency or opacity. Real teeth also have translucency and the dental technician will need to work with the properties of the material to mimic the life-like look of the teeth.
Cosmetic dentistry procedures are among the most requested by patients interested in dental treatments abroad. You can contact our dentists in Bucharest for more information about these procedures as well as other services offered in Romania.


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