The Approximate Time Scale for a Dental Implant Procedure in Romania

The Approximate Time Scale for a Dental Implant Procedure in Romania

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

The-Approximate-Time -Scale-for-a-Dental-Implant-Procedure-in-Romania.jpgDental implants are some of the most requested procedures by foreign dental patients. The lower costs than in countries like Switzerland or Austria make Romania the best option for those who want to perform this dental procedure. Dental implants are influenced by the particularities of each patient this is why the time scale for a dental implant procedure can differ. 

A complex process

Dental implants rely on the body’s ability to develop a functional connection between the artificial implant and the bone tissue. The process is known as osseointegration and it can depend on the patient’s natural body healing abilities and how well he or she receives the implant. The quality of the bone where the implant is made plays a vital role in the process. Depending on all of these factors, the healing time can be anywhere between 3 and 6 months after the implant was placed.
A patient willing to opt for a dental implant will first have to schedule a consultation visit with one of our dentists in Bucharest. During this visit our dentists will determine how many implants you need if any additional procedures need to be performed. A dental X-Ray may be performed during this initial visit.

The approximate duration for a dental implant procedure

Once the dentist has performed the initial evaluation, he or she will be able to give you a more accurate timetable for the dental implant procedure. Traditionally, the dental implant is a two-step procedure: first the dentist places the implant within one visit and uses a temporary denture over it. The temporary denture or bridge is replaced with the permanent crown once the bone has had time to heal. The dentists will also need to take impressions of your teeth so that a dental technician can start working on fabricating the replacement teeth that will cover the implant. The materials used for dental implants are also important for shortening the amount of time needed to perform this procedure. Our dentists work with high quality materials, like Zimmer products or Alpha-Bio Tec implants
The total treatment time for a dental implant can be estimated at around six months and the patient will have to schedule at least two visits to the dental office during this time. Our dentists in Romania can help you plan your dental trip abroad according to your needs and according to the treatment plan scheduled by our dentist who will handle the dental implant procedure.


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