Bio Dentistry

Bio Dentistry

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

Bio-Dentistry.jpgBio Dentistry (biological dentistry) also known as holistic dentistry represents a complementary and alternative method to treaties common dental problems. This type of dentistry uses different, sometimes unconventional practices and dismisses the use of certain materials as well as the use of surgical approaches to dental issues. Although in some cases this type of treatment can prove effective, serious dental problems must be treated by a dentist. Our dentists in Bucharest are up to date with the latest treatments and alternative therapies and can tell you more about holistic approaches to dentistry.

Another type of dental practice

Bio dentistry is a less toxic and more individualized way of treating certain dental problems. Its adepts also emphasize its environmentally friendly characteristics and some refer to it as more of an attitude rather than a comprehensive set of practices.
Believers in holistic dentistry, and in holistic treatments in general, focus on the connection between the oral problems and the health of the rest of the body. They also believe in minimizing the negative impact of using synthetic materials in the human body, such as that of the various materials used in dental fillings.

Key principles used by bio dentistry practitioners

Bio-compatibility is a priority for bio dentistry and while a dentist will use the best possible materials which are technologically advanced and well received by the human body, a holistic dentist will argue that those materials and practices can be toxic for the human body. Although individual reactions can very according to certain sensitivities and illnesses of the patient, nowadays dentists, including our dentists in Bucharest, use the best possible materials to perform the needed treatments and/or replacements.
Bio dentistry guidelines point out that the most dreaded material used in dental procedures is mercury amalgam. Apart from bio-compatibility, environmental protection is another concern for holistic practitioners.
Bio dentistry is not the complete dismissal of certain dental practices or methods. It is simply a different, less toxic and more environmental friendly approach to dental treatments.
If you would like to know more about alternative dental treatments or if you want to explore various treatment options, you can call our dental clinic in Bucharest. A dentist will be able to answer detailed questions.


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