Dental Problems for Children

Dental Problems for Children

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

Dental-Problems-for-Children.jpgNot only adults suffer from various dental problems. Children are dental patients too and they benefit from special care offered by a pediatric dentist. At our dental clinic in Romania we work with patients from around the world and small patients receive the best care possible.


Common pediatric dental problems

Tooth decay is one of the most common problems encountered in pediatric patients. It is caused by bacteria living inside of the mouth that causes tooth structure loss. This can be a problem as early as infancy when children can develop “baby bottle tooth decay” – when the teeth are affected by the sugars in the milk and fruits that make up their diet. In time the decay spreads inside the tooth and turns into cavities. Although it is unnoticeable in the beginning, as the decay progresses the child may feel pain when eating. The cavity will also cause other problems, like bad breath. Parents should make sure that the little one understands the importance of brushing his or her teeth. A dentist at our dental clinic in Bucharest will be able to tell you more about teaching small children to brush their teeth.
Although normal in babies, thumb sucking can lead to dental problems if it continues after the permanent teeth start to develop. Teeth can be pushed out, causing an overbite that will need to be dealt with by an orthodontist. Misaligned teeth can also cause difficulty in pronunciation. 
Other dental problems in children can include tongue thrusting, lip sucking or bruxism (teeth grinding which causes teeth erosion).  Our dentists in Bucharest can help you understand these problems and find the best treatment plan for your child.

Help your children take care of their teeth

Parents should begin teaching their children to take care of their teeth at an early age. You can begin washing your baby’s teeth with an infant toothbrush and as the child grows you can start teaching him or her good oral habits. Kids should be taught to brush twice a day and floss when they are older. Parents should also take care to limit certain foods that are harmful for the teeth.
For more information about dental problems in children you can contact our dentists in Bucharest. Our dental clinic welcomes small patients and our dentists will make sure that your child’s first visit to the dentist becomes a happy memory.
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