Choosing the Right Type of Braces for Your Needs

Choosing the Right Type of Braces for Your Needs

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

Choosing-the-Right-Type-of-Braces-for-Your-Needs.jpgWhen your dentist tells you that you have an orthodontic problem that needs to be solved you want to know how you can choose the right type of braces for your needs. There are many options available today that depend on the length of the treatment, the purpose of the orthodontic correction and last but not least, the aesthetic appearance. Our dentists in Bucharest can recommend the best braces if you have an orthodontic problem.

Types of braces
Misaligned or crooked teeth can cause a number of dental problems if left untreated. However, the main reason why patients choose to treat this condition is that misaligned teeth can be unsightly. Children, teenagers and adults alike can opt for an orthodontic treatment to solve any issues that involve teeth misplacements.
The technology used for braces has evolved over the years and braces have been significantly reduced in size. Colored or even tooth-colored ceramic braces are now available for patients who want braces that are as seamless or as trendy as possible.
Braces are the most common option for treating orthodontic problems and are often the most affordable. Some of the types of braces include:
- metal braces: the most traditional option, glued to the front of the teeth; their disadvantage is that they are very visible;
- lingual braces: glued to the back of the teeth;
- ceramic braces: glued to the front of the teeth but made of ceramic according to the color of your teeth – this makes them less visible.
One of our dentists in Bucharest will be able to show you how these types of braces look on an individual and will discuss other issues with you like dental hygiene during orthodontic treatments.

Orthodontic treatments in Romania

The options available for treating an orthodontic problem includes braces but it not necessarily limited to them. Your options are:
- clear aligners: custom fit transparent trays that fir over your teeth and are adjusted over certain periods of time;
- retainers: removable or glued, they will be used after the braces are removed to ensure that the teeth don’t change position over time.
Our orthodontists will discuss the available treatment plans with you so that you can choose the best types of braces. Your perfect smile is just a call away. Contact our dental clinic in Bucharest for more information about orthodontic treatments.


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