Choosing the Right Type of Dental Implant for You

Choosing the Right Type of Dental Implant for You

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

Choosing-the-Right-Type-of-Dental-Implant-for-You.jpgThe right type of dental implant is important if you want to have a natural looking smile and have all the benefits of having a normal bite strength in your teeth. Dental implants feel, look and function like a natural tooth and they are chosen by many patients who suffer from tooth loss. Our dentists in Bucharest work with the best types of materials that are both durable and time and bio-compatible.

Types of dental implants

Dental implants are recommended according to the overall health of the patient, more specifically the jawbone where the implant will be placed. The dentist will examine you and he or she will be able to determine if your jawbone can support a dental implant inserted into it or one that it is attached to it. The main types of dental implants include:
Root form-dental implants: the titanium implant is inserted directly into the bone and is made or corrosion-resistant titanium. It is the most well-known and durable type of dental implant because of its more secure placing inside the actual bone. This is a durable type of dental implant and it will most often be the best choice, if your jawbone is strong enough to support it.
Sub-periosteal dental implants are not placed inside the bone but on top of the jawbone. This is recommended when the bone is not strong enough to support a titanium implant. The dentist will need to make a model of your jawbone to ensure that the fitting is perfect. This is a great alternative to the titanium one and also less invasive.
The place-form implant is recommended when the jaw is not strong enough or wide enough to support any other type of implant. There have flatter shape and are longer than the other types.
The ramus-frame dental implant is also recommended to those patients who have a weak or narrow jawbone. While the least invasive of all types, it is the also the least discrete. The frame implant is placed at the back of the mouth and a metal bar runs along the gum line. The dentures are placed on the metal bar.

Making the right choice

Knowing the differences between the types of dental implants is important when deciding which one is best for you. A dentist in Bucharest will be able to give you an initial examination and you will both decide what implant is best for you.
Romania is a popular destination for dental travel abroad and our dental clinics have lower prices for dental implants than in other countries in Europe. You can contact our dentists in Bucharest for more information bout our prices for dental implants.


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