Why Does a Dental Crown Fall Out?

Why Does a Dental Crown Fall Out?

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

Why-Does-a-Dental-Crown-Fall-Out.jpgDental crowns are caps made of special materials placed over a tooth in order to improve or restore its shape, size and functionality. So why does a dental crown fall out after it was placed? It can all depend on the quality of the material and the quality of the dental technician’s work but also with the material used to fix it in place. Regardless of why it fell out, a dentist can replace a fallen dental crown and restore the functionality of the tooth.

Reason number one: the crown wasn’t a perfect fit for the tooth under it

When a dentist takes imprints of your teeth to make dental crowns or bridges, he or she must make sure that the crown will fit just right on the tooth. This involves two very important steps: preparing the tooth for the crown and making sure that the crown is made from good materials and according to the imprints of your teeth.
During the first stage, the dentist will adjust the tooth: get rid of any irregularities to adjust it into a right form that can hold the crown. After this stage, the dentist together with a dental technician will work to produce a suitable crown for you. Commonly used materials include stainless steel or metal crowns and those fabricated from materials like porcelain.
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Reason number two: the dental cement didn’t act properly

Another important reason why a dental crown can fall off is that the material used to hold it in place, the dental cement, didn’t adhere properly to both the tooth and the crown. This can happen if the space between the crown and the tooth is not adequate. Because the crown is fully dependent on the qualities of cement to stay in place, any inadequate placements can lead to subsequent loss of that crown.
Other reasons why dental crowns do not last as long as they should can be related to the bite of the patient and how it affects the crown in time.
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