A Guide on Choosing Your Toothpaste

A Guide on Choosing Your Toothpaste

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

A-Guide-on-Choosing-Your-Toothpaste.jpgWith so many brands and types of toothpaste on the market, choosing the right one can seem like a challenge. If you have special needs, like severe gum problems, a dentist will be able to help you buy a special toothpaste that can aid your treatment. However, the best type of toothpaste for the everyday user is the one that best suits your oral health needs.

Toothpaste: a few basic ingredients

Although there are many toothpaste options out there, all of the products tent to include some common ingredients. These are:
- flavoring: from mint for adults to bubble gum for kids, toothpastes include artificial sweeteners that make them taste better;
- thickening agents;
- abrasive agents that help remove stains and particles from teeth;
- fluoride: included in most toothpastes on the market, it is the ingredient that helps protect teeth from acid and makes the tooth enamel stronger-it helps protect against tooth decay.

Toothpaste varieties

Toothpaste comes in different varieties and manufacturers are trying to meet the specific needs of every user, from the smallest to the ones most challenged with dental problems. Some of the most common types of toothpaste include:
- children’s toothpaste;
- teeth whitening toothpaste;
- toothpaste for sensitive teeth;
- herbal or natural toothpaste;
- tartar control toothpaste (most of which contain fluoride);
- smoker’s toothpaste (usually designed to fight tar and spots).
Many toothpaste producers have varieties that combine multiple benefits: cavities protection, anti-plaque, fresh breath and whitening. These all in one toothpastes can be used by most individuals but if you have sensitive teeth or gum problems you can talk to your dentist about using a more specific type of toothpaste or choosing a brand that uses ingredients suited for your needs.
An adequate dental hygiene and regular check-ups are important for your oral health. You should brush your teeth twice a day and also use mouthwash and floss regularly. Brushing can be fun for children as well, especially if parents start teaching them the basics of oral health at an early age.
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