Orhideea Residential Gardens Bucharest

Orhideea Residential Gardens Bucharest

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

Orhideea-Residential-Gardens-Bucharest.jpgOrhideea Gardens is a modern residential complex in Bucharest that offers high quality apartments and offices, complete with various facilities. Our dental clinic is located in this beautiful residential complex and foreign patients can stay here during their dental trip in Romania.

Orhideea apartments

The Orhideea Gardens residential complex offers apartments as offices for rent or sale. The complex also houses a dental clinic, a spa and a kindergarten. Patients who come to the dental clinic for various dental treatments have luxury accommodation options right near the dental office. You can solve any dental issue at affordable prices and rent one of the available apartments in the residential complex.
The apartments have a modern design, TV, free wireless, fully equipped kitchen and air conditioning. The residential complex also has a restaurant at the 11th floor with a panoramic view over Bucharest as well as a spacious private parking lot.
The apartments available for rent include:
- the Business Apartment: one bedroom, 93 sqm;
- the Large Apartment: two bedrooms, 140 sqm;
- the ExtraLarge Apartment:  two bedrooms with individual balconies, two bathrooms, 186 sqm;
- the Panoramic Apartment: one bedroom with individual balcony, large living room, 125 sqm;
- the Penthouse Apartment: two bedrooms, large living room, terrace, 316 sqm.

Special facilities offered within the Orhideea Gardens residential complex

While spending time in Romania as a patient at our dental clinic, we recommend the facilities offered by the Orhideea Residential Gardens. The health spa located in the complex offers complete services such as: massage, facial and body treatments, special therapies for pregnant women, special therapies for couples and spa rituals. An auditorium/relaxation area is also available. 
A pool, a gym, a special saline sauna and a fresh bar are also available for residents. Our dentists in Bucharest always make sure that the procedures are as pain free as possible, but if you choose to rent an apartment at the Orhideea Gardens you will benefit from various relaxation options that will take your mind off your recent dental treatment. 
You can contact our dental clinic in Bucharest for more information about our services and the accommodation options and facilities.