Romanian Taxi is the Cheapest in the EU

Romanian Taxi is the Cheapest in the EU

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

Romanian-Taxi-is-the-Cheapest-in-the-EU.jpgRomania is a popular destination for dental treatments abroad because of its low prices but also because of affordable accommodation and transportation options. The taxi in Romania is the cheapest in Europe and this transportation option is popular for tourists who come for dental treatments in the country.

Transportation in Romania

Bucharest is the capital of Romania and also the city of choice for most dental patients who have appointments at a dental clinic. The city has a surface of about 228 sqm and while some areas are not so crowded, the city center is highly transited at any hour.
Taxis in Bucharest are easily recognizable: they are yellow and can be found either in designated taxi stations or in high-profile locations, such hot spots in the city center. Taxi rates in Bucharest are very cheap compared to those in other European capitals. The starting rate and the rate per kilometer is 1.39 lei, approximately 0.31 euros. At this rate, it is no wonder that many foreigners will prefer to travel by taxi in the city.
Taxi rates in other European cities are 3.00 euros for start and 1.29 euros per kilometer in Paris or 3 pounds stat tariff and 1.50 pounds per kilometer in London.
While most taxi companies apply the 1.39 tariff, other companies can charge more. The base fare is printed on the side of the car and is very visible. It is advisable to pay attention to the fare before getting inside the car.

Taxis and other options

There are numerous taxi companies in Bucharest and finding a car should not be a problem. You can place your order by calling a taxi company or by using one of the many apps available for smartphones.
Other options to travel by car in Bucharest include renting a car-although this option is not as cheap as calling a taxi or using the Uber app for private taxi services. This is a new alternative to taxis in Bucharest which has a minimum base fare of 6 lei, approximately 1.36 euros, also more affordable than in other European countries.
If you are planning to come to Bucharest for dental treatments, the dentists at our dental clinic can help you plan your dental trip to Romania


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