Early Diagnosis for Root Canal Problems

Early Diagnosis for Root Canal Problems

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

Early-Diagnosis-for-Root-Canal-Problems.jpgRoot canal problems can cause episodes of nearly unbearable pain for the patient. This will usually be the first sign that the tooth has been badly affected by decay and needs treatment. The best thing you can do is see a dentist if you experience any pain. Any ignored symptoms can lead to an aggravation of the problem and yes, even more pain.

Recognize the signs of a root canal problem

Tooth decay that reaches far into the tooth will eventually work its way into the canal (the root canal) of that infected tooth. This area is more sensible because its holds the pulp of the tooth (the living tissue inside the tooth) and also the nerves. That horrible pain experienced by many people, the toothache, is most likely the acute pain of a root canal problem.
The pain starts when the pulp becomes infected. This pain is more severe than others because it is what a dentist will describe as acute tooth pain: it will be intense and it will last for two or three days after which it will go away as though the problems are gone. Compared to acute pain, chronic tooth pain lasts much longer.
This nerve wrecking pain is the first sign that you might need root canal treatments. You can treat tooth pain by using anti-inflammatory over the counter medicine like ibuprofen. However, you should not postpone a visit to the dentist who can perform a qualified endodontic treatment.

What to ask your dentist

The specialists at our dental clinic in Bucharest can give you advice for the prevention and early treatment of any root canal problems. The best thing you can do in order to prevent a future problem like this is to have a good oral health. Sometimes, the pain associated with root canal problems can also be caused by other restorative work or preparation work for other dental treatments, like that needed for a crown placement. It is not uncommon for dental patients who have large tooth fillings to experience pain when those fillings break.
For more information about dental pain you can contact our dentists in Bucharest. We can also tell you everything about dental tourism in Romania and its associated costs and benefits.


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