Everything about Dental Grills

Everything about Dental Grills

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

Everything-about-Dental-Grills.jpgDental grills are a type of dental jewelry placed over the teeth which is still very popular. The trend is associated with the hip-hop culture and became more popular during the mid-2000s. These metal accessories for the teeth are personalized according to the tooth impression of the wearer. If you want to follow this trend and get a personalized dental grill the best thing is to talk to a dentist before getting one.

A statement dental jewelry

Dental grills are worn as a fashion statement. They are solely used for appearance and have no medicinal properties. They are usually made out of gold, silver and other precious metals. Less expensive versions from non-precious metals are available, although individuals should pay close attention when using these due to a higher risk of allergic reactions to the material.
A dental grill is personalized to fit two or more teeth and it is usually removable. The dentist will first make a dental mold of the client’s teeth. The dental grill will be shaped according to this dental impression so that it fits the teeth accordingly. These statement pieces can also be made by a jeweler but only a dentist will be able to use the right materials to make a proper dental mold.
Anyone who uses dental grills should pay close attention to their oral hygiene. If worn for only a few hours a day these pieces are unlikely to cause any dental problems but individuals who wear dental grills for days in a row must be careful to avoid tooth decay. If the piece is not fitted properly it can also cause irritation and damage of the gums.

Dental grills: a fashion

Dental grills traditionally belong in hip-hop culture but over the years other celebrities have embraced the fashionable dental jewelleries. Madonna, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus or Marilyn Manson have also worn them. 
Dental grills first became popular in the 1980s and a New Yorker, Eddie Plein, is credited for starting the trend. These dental pieces slowly became popular throughout the United States, especially in Southern U.S. and then gradually expanded elsewhere. 
People who want to enhance their smile with dental jewelry also have other options: custom made dental veneers or dental crowns can have inserted diamonds and other precious stones.
Whatever your “dental bling” of choice is, you should always talk to a dentist first to make sure that it is safe and does not damage your teeth.
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