Sensitive Teeth Understanding and Treating Them

Sensitive Teeth Understanding and Treating Them

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

Sensitive-Teeth-Understanding-and-Treating-Them.jpgWhat is tooth sensitivity? That pain in your teeth when you eat or drink something cold, hot or even sweet. It is not uncommon and it appears over time, especially if the patient hasn’t paid attention to preventing tooth decay or using adequate products. A dentist can help you treat sensitive teeth so that you can enjoy any foods or drinks without any dental pain.

Causes for sensitive teeth

The pain felt when consuming certain foods can be sudden and very sharp – if it feels like it’s going down to the center of your nerves it’s because that’s basically what’s happening. The cause for sensitive teeth is the exposure of the dentin: the soft layer of the tooth containing the access points to the toot’s pulp (nervous center). When gums detach or withdraw from this portion of the tooth and they no longer offer protection, the sensitivity appears.
Sensitive teeth can be caused by:
- wearing of the teeth;
- teeth grinding;
- damaged teeth;
- some teeth whitening products;
- plaque;
- certain foods like those high in acid.
Tooth sensitivity can also occur as a side effect of certain dental treatments. However, this type of sensitivity goes away in a few weeks. If the pain does not recede you should see a dentist. Patients become more prone to sensitive teeth with age. 

Treatment for sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth can be treated using specially formulated toothpaste. By regularly using the type of product you can decrease the level of sensitivity and start eating certain foods as you used to. People who suffer from sensitive teeth can also use a more sift toothbrush in order to avoid tearing up the gum tissue.
A balanced diet and one that does not include acidic food and drinks (soft drinks, sugar and sweeteners, certain dairy products) is recommended for all patients who suffer from sensitive teeth.
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