Jaw Pain: Causes and Treatment

Jaw Pain: Causes and Treatment

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

Jaw-Pain-Causes-and-Treatment.jpgSometimes jaw pain can be caused by a dental treatment. Although a certain degree of pain ca occur after specific dental interventions, it should disappear in a day or two and can usually be treated with simple pain killers. When the pain is more persistent and the patient experiences constant discomfort, the dentist can look for signs of a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD).

What causes severe jaw pain?

Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD for short, appears when there is a problem with the joint that connects the jaw to the bones of the skull and any other problems with the muscles that control the jaw.
TMD can appear for a variety of reasons and dentists believe that the symptoms associated with it result from the actual muscle pain and, in more serious cases, the joint pain. Among the reasons for developing temporomandibular joint disorder we can list the following:
- injury to the jaw or the muscles of the head and neck;
- arthritis in the joint;
- repeated grinding or clenching of the teeth.
The team of dentists at our dental clinic in Bucharest can offer you a quick and complete examination to determine the real cause of any jaw pain and whether or not it is TMD.

How can you treat TMD?

Patients will typically be able to tell right away that something is wrong by the pain and tenderness in the face and jaw area. This pain can sometimes extend to the neck and shoulders and they will most likely also have problems when trying to open the mouth. Swelling and difficulty in chewing and biting are also among the symptoms of TMD.
The dentist will most likely need to perform a dental x-ray to determine the severity of the problem with the joint. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon can also offer solutions. Laser therapy, low-level electrical current therapy, ultrasound therapy or certain medication are non-invasive procedures. If these fail to relieve the problem, the dentist can decide to perform oral surgery.
Contact our dentists in Bucharest to find out more about suitable treatments for your problems and more details and advantages for dental tourism patients in Romania.


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