The Dental Treatment of the Abscessed Tooth

The Dental Treatment of the Abscessed Tooth

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

The-Dental-Treatment-of-the-Abscessed-Tooth.jpgAn abscessed tooth is essentially a badly infected tooth where the infection has spread at the root and/or between the gum and the tooth. The dentist will treat this dental problem by cleaning the infected tissue, eliminating the infection and offering the patient adequate solutions for preventing other infections. This type of dental problem can be associated with other issues like gum disease or trauma to the tooth.

The symptoms of an abscessed tooth

The most common symptom of an abscessed tooth and the one that will determine the patient to contact a dentist is severe toothache. The pain appears when the infection reaches the pulp of the tooth. If, however, the pulp is badly affected and loses its functions, the pain may stop but this does not mean that the abscess will not continue to spread. Only a dentist will be able to stop and prevent the abscess from spreading.
Other symptoms for tooth abscess include:
- pain when biting and chewing;
- sensitivity to hot or cold products;
- swollen and red gums;
- fever and general discomfort;
- in severe cases: an open sore on the side of the gum surrounding the affected tooth.

Treatments for abscessed teeth

Our dentists in Bucharest can provide you with the best treatments for abscessed teeth. If you are diagnosed with such an infection, one of our dentists will begin by draining and cleaning the infected area. Root canal therapy may be needed at this stage to ensure that the dentist has complete access to the affected area. Antibiotics are usually prescribed after this intervention in order to help the body fight the infection efficiently. 
The dentist can decide to remove the tooth entirely or, after the tooth is cleaned and repaired, use a dental crown over it. 
Good dental hygiene is the key in preventing this unwanted infection. Our dentists in Bucharest can give you additional information about preventing and treating a tooth abscess
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