Traditional vs Electric Toothbrushes

Traditional vs Electric Toothbrushes

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

Traditional-vs-Electric-Toothbrushes.jpgOral healthcare is very important and today we have a wide range of options to choose from: manual or electric tooth brushes, various types of toothpaste and dental floss as well as tooth whitening kits and devices. When it comes to the best type of toothbrush they both have their pros and cons but whatever you use the main concern should be adequate and regular tooth brushing

Traditional toothbrushes

The most important advantage of the traditional toothbrush is that you control the way you move it to clean the teeth. You adjust the speed and pressure while brushing and can also choose a lighter cleaning in sensitive areas, if needed. Other advantages include:
- lower costs;
- better packaging while traveling;
- not relying on a battery
The disadvantage of the traditional toothbrush is that the brushing process takes more time and the user has to set his or her own timer (if willing to observe the golden 2 minute brush time rule).

Electric toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes were invented in the late 1990s and in many ways they revolutionized the way we brush our teeth. The advantages of an electric toothbrush include:
- easiness to use;
- a more effective cleaning (they do offer some 6,000 to 30,000 strokes per minute, an impossible task for manual toothbrushes);
- fun to use: especially for children who might need a bit more convincing to brush their teeth two times a day.
The disadvantages of the electric toothbrush include significantly larger costs (any electric toothbrush will cost more than a traditional one), battery life and harder to travel with. Electric toothbrushes are not recommended for those with certain gum problems as the vibrations can be too harsh on the gum line. You can ask a dentist if it would be suitable for you.
Regardless of the type of toothbrush you choose to use you should always remember to change it after a certain period of time. 
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