Dry Mouth: Why Should You Pay Attention to this Condition?

Dry Mouth: Why Should You Pay Attention to this Condition?

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

Dry-Mouth-Why-Should-You-Pay-Attention-to-this-Condition.jpgDry mouth is a cause of concern because it can lead to the development of cavities. Without saliva that helps reduce the acids from food and the adherence of food particles to the teeth, the mouth has less protection against tooth decayDry mouth can have a number of causes or it can relate to other health issues. Regardless of the cause, you should talk to a dentist to see how this affects your overall oral health. 


Symptoms and causes of dry mouth

Dry mouth is also known as xerostomia and it is caused by a decreased production of saliva. Patients who suffer from this condition may tend to ignore the dry mouth feeling at first but the decreased amount of saliva in the mouth can lead to a difficulty in eating and digesting food and it can be the cause of tooth decay. Left untreated, the dry mouth condition can affect an individual’s quality of life.
Symptoms include:
- dry feeling in the mouth and/or in the throat;
- more frequent thirst;
- difficulty in eating, chewing, swallowing;
- cracked lips, pale gums and bad breath.
The causes for dry mouth can vary and the condition has been observed more in women than in men. Possible causes for saliva production disorders can be prescription or over-the-counter medicine, particularly those for high blood pressure, bladder problems or mental health problems. Patients suffering from cancer who undergo chemotherapy can also suffer from dry mouth. It can also be caused by throat diseases.

Dry mouth treatment

Dry mouth can also be caused by severe medical conditions like autoimmune disorders, HIV or diabetes. If you suffer from any of these medical conditions you should inform your dentist about it. It is important to talk to a specialist because if the condition is not caused by medication, it can be an indicator of other health problems.
The treatment for dry mouth will focus on saliva substitution and stimulation. A doctor can recommend adequate medicine and treatment for dry mouth and a dentist can help you prevent cavities and periodontal disease that may be caused by a reduced amount of saliva.
Regular visits to the dental clinic are essential if you suffer from dry mouth. You should also be well hydrated throughout the day and can use an alcohol-free mouthwash.
You can contact our dental clinic in Bucharest if you have more questions about this condition or wish to schedule an appointment for a dental check-up.


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