Dental Conditions Associated with Aging

Dental Conditions Associated with Aging

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

Dental-Conditions-Associated-with-Aging.jpgAs we grow older, we are more prone to developing certain dental problems. Certain medication used for other health conditions can contribute to the health of our teeth and it is important to make sure that we follow an age-appropriate dental routine.  Our bodies and mouth change as we age and a dentist can help us understand how to adjust our dental needs with aging.

Oral issues encountered in older patients

Tooth loss is perhaps the most common condition in elderly dental patients, however, it is not the only one. Xerostomia, or dry mouth, is a common condition that occurs in patients over the age of 65. For these individuals, it is mainly caused by the medication they use although in some case it can be caused by a disease, such as diabetes. Cavities are also more common in older adults because of increased usage and an increased gingival recession. Also, in time the tooth can become less sensitive, thus making it harder for the patients to realize that they have certain dental problems. 
Periodontal disease can be associated with aging, especially if the patient had not been taking sufficed care of his/her gums. Individuals who suffer from loss of mobility of various other physical limitations can find it harder to take good care of their teeth. A modified manual toothbrush or an electric toothbrush might be easier to use in these case. 

Maintaining your oral health at any age

Senior patients need to take care of their teeth just as much as any other age group. Those who wear dentures must remember to properly clean them from time to time and also clean between their teeth daily with floss. The dentures can be removed at night; however, you should discuss this aspect with your dentist.
One of you dentists in Bucharest can help answer more questions about the special dental needs encountered by older patients. You can contact our dental clinic in Bucharest to find out more about our services or you can send as an enquiry, describing your condition.
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