Common Causes for Bleeding Gums

Common Causes for Bleeding Gums

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

Common-Causes-for-Bleeding-Gums.jpgSpitting blood while brushing or flossing might not raise any concerns at first. However, no sign of an unhealthy gum should be left untreated for too long. The causes for bleeding gums can be as simple as insufficient dental cleaning but the factors that trigger bleeding gums can be much serious or associated with other conditions.

A wide range of causes

Smoking, the lack of oral hygiene and a bad diet can all be real causes of gum bleeding. The most common reason is poor oral hygiene: when plaque and tartar form on the teeth and gum line they will eventually irritate the gums and can, over time, cause serious gum problems. Brushing and flossing are both important for keeping plaque and tartar from forming. Sugary foods and those high in carbohydrates can stick to the teeth even longer. Brushing helps get rid of the buildup but a diet that consists more of fruits and vegetables will be goo not only for your teeth but also for your overall health.
Smoking can cause a weakening of the gum tissue by bringing extra toxins into the mouth. Unfortunately, gingivitis is also common in pregnant women because of the hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, you can talk to a dentist at our dental clinic in Bucharest about the early steps you can take to prevent any tooth problems during pregnancy.

Genetic predisposition to gum disease

Gum disease can run in your family and if this is the case you are more likely to suffer from this condition as well. If you do know that your parents or grandparents had gum problems themselves you should tell your dentist about this. While their own causes for gum problems might have been other than genetics, it will help you to receive professional advice about how to prevent and control these issues if they arise.
Gum disease is a reversible condition provided that the patient makes an effort for a proper oral health and regular professional help. You can talk to one of our dentists in Bucharest for more information about what causes your gums to bleed and schedule an appointment for an in-depth check-up of your dental problems.




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