Try Our Dental Calculator

Try Our Dental Calculator

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

Our dentists in Bucharest present the newly launched Save on Dental calculator, a useful tool for foreign patients who want to know how much they can save for dental treatments if they choose to request the services of our dental clinic. Patients who are in need of a dental treatment will often postpone it because of financial reasons and the lack of information regarding the actual costs of the treatment. If you are interested in dental travel abroad but are unsure of the total costs of the dental treatment in Romania, plus the accommodation and travel expense, you can now use our dental price calculator to receive a cost estimate that will help you plan your trip.

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How does the calculator work?

The price calculator is very easy to use. You will need to select a few basic options and know the types of dental treatment you need to perform. In order to receive a cost estimate you can:
- choose your country of residence;
- pick the dental procedures;
- press calculate.
For example, you may be interested in a dental implant and you are a patient from the United Kingdom. If you decide to have one high-quality Zimmer dental implant at our clinic you save as much as 2,534 EUR or nearly 2,100 GBP per one implant and twice as much for two implants. Foreign patients who are looking for a perfect smile often request other procedures, like cosmetic dentistry. You can find out the average cost for all our procedures by using this simple calculator.
The dental calculator will quickly scan the prices for dental services in your chosen country and deduct them from the prices for the same treatment in Romania and the costs for transportation and accommodation. 
The prices for accommodation and transportation are average ones. Please note that airlines can have special fees and reductions during certain times of the year and it is generally more advantageous to plan your trip ahead and book the tickets in advance. All major airline companies, including low-cost ones, have flights to the Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport.

Why should you plan your dental trip in detail?

Some dental procedures are more complex than others and depending on your needs you will either need to make several trips to our dental office from your country or enjoy a lengthier dental trip in Romania. Knowing the costs for the treatment plus the actual trip to Romania will help you establish your budget and even plan in advance for several extra activities and trips in the country.
You can contact our dentists in Bucharest once you decided upon the procedures you need and gained an initial cost estimate with the price calculator. Our specialists will be able to answer any questions regarding the approximate length of the treatment and the particularities of the dental procedure.


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