Types of Dental Bridges and the Differences Between Them

Types of Dental Bridges and the Differences Between Them

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

Types-of-Dental-Bridges-and-the-Differences-Between-Them.jpgThere are two types of dental bridges: fixed or removable. The decision to use one or another as a solution for replacing missing teeth will depend on the patient’s personal preference and any previous experience with dental fixtures (if any). A dentist will evaluate your case and will recommend one or another based both on your preference but also on the remaining bone and gum tissue.

Fixed or removable? 

The answer to this question needs to consider both aesthetic and functional aspects. The decision to replace missing teeth is very important and it will improve the patient’s ability to speak, smile and eat. Fixed bridges, removable bridges (also called dentures) and dental implants are three available options for patients who want to replace missing teeth.
A fixed bridge is placed on two implants positioned on the sides of the gap. That space will be filled with crowns that will resemble the natural teeth and will provide functionality. The advantages of the fixed bridge include no necessary removal for cleaning (but this should also be done thoroughly even if the bridge is fixed) and fewer costs than dental implants.
The removable denture may be better suited for those patients who have healthy bone and gum tissue surrounding the missing tooth/teeth and do not need the bridgework for extra support. An advantage of the removable bridge is that is can be easier to replace and repair. This type of restorative work is less expensive compared to the implant or the fixed bridge.

What are the tooth restoration options?

Restorative dental treatments need to be completely personalized to fit the needs and particularities of the patient. One of our dentists in Bucharest can talk to you about your options and concerns about the bridgework that has to be done.
After talking with a dentist you will be able to better understand the process and what can be achieved in your particular case.
Do not hesitate to ask us more questions about tooth replacement. Contact our dental clinic in Bucharest for more details.