Common Dental Care Mistakes

Common Dental Care Mistakes

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

Common-Dental-Care-Mistakes.jpgBrushing your teeth is very important for the overall oral hygiene but you must keep in mind that other steps are essential for a flawless smile. You should try to avoid the following common dental care mistakes as often as possible in order to be able to maintain a good oral health.

Insufficient and incorrect brushing

Twice a day bruising is just what the dentist recommends but the simple act of brushing is not enough if it is performed in a hurry or incorrectly. You should brush your teeth for two minutes and clean the outer inner and chewing surfaces of the teeth. You can also brush your tongue and you would want to avoid making too hard brush strokes that can irritate the gums or cause them to bleed.

Not replacing the toothbrush 

You should try to find a toothbrush that is suited for your sensitive teeth or your lifestyle (if electric toothbrushes are what you prefer) but you should do your best to replace the toothbrush once every three to four months. You ca do so sooner if the bristles are worn out.

Not using dental floss

While twice a day brushing is what the dentist recommends, patients should also remember one important piece of advice: don’t forget to floss. Flossing is just as important because no matter what toothbrush you are using you can never reach in between the teeth. Plaque build-up from food that remains stuck between the teeth could lead to gum line so flossing is a good step to follow for avoiding gum disease.

A bad diet

Eating too much sugar is a leading cause of tooth decay. Acidulated drinks are also on the list of dental health enemies and you can also try to avoid too much caffeine or other colored drinks consumption if you want to have a whiter smile.

Avoiding the dentist

Even if you do manage to keep a regular and adequate oral care routine it is still important to visit a dental clinic for regular check-ups. A dentist can identify the early signs of tooth decay or gum problems and prescribe adequate treatment as well as provide you with advice for better oral care.
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