Brief History of Dental Tourism

Brief History of Dental Tourism

Written by: Romanian Dental Team

Brief-History-of-Dental-Tourism.jpgDental tourism is an increasingly more popular practice in Europe and around the world. This sub-sector of medical tourism combines the advantages of having scheduled the necessary dental procedures at a more affordable location and enjoying a holiday in a country you did not have the chance to visit before. Patients can choose a dental clinic in Romania or Poland if they are European citizens or Mexico, Argentina, Thailand or Dubai if they live elsewhere in the world. 

Why should you consider dental tourism as your option?

The history of medical tourism can be traced back to ancient times while its little brother, dental tourism, started out as a more personal experience and it is through that it gained popularity by word of mouth. As people started to realize that a dental treatment abroad could be affordable, especially after low-cost airlines increased their destinations, the practice quickly became more and more popular.
Dental holidays are a good option to consider especially if you have the budget but do not have the time to take care of lengthier dental procedures like dental implants. By choosing to combine a dental treatment with your summer vacation, for example, you will only have to book your airline tickets once and choose the accommodation in the city where the dental clinic is based. If the treatment allows to you spend some more time traveling during two procedures, you can then plan one-day trips or city breaks in surrounding cities.

What are the most popular dental tourism destinations?

Romania is a very affordable destination for dental holidays and also an increasingly popular tourist destination and tourists are just starting to discover the beauty of Transylvania. Other options for European patients include Poland, Croatia or Spain. US citizens can travel to Mexico for dental implants abroad
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