Archive October' 2015

Early Diagnosis for Root Canal Problems


Root canal problems can cause episodes of nearly unbearable pain for the patient. This will usually be the first sign that the tooth has been badly affected by decay and needs treatment. The best thing you can do is see a dentist if you experience any pain. Any ignored symptoms can lead to an aggravation of the problem and yes, even more pain.

Correction of Chipped Teeth


A chipped tooth has a story to tell: it could have been a fall, a bite of something hard or show traces of a fight. Regardless of the manner in which the tooth was broken, its possessor should seek help from a dentist. A broken or chipped tooth might not seem like a great deal at first, especially if it is not one of the front-facing teeth. But over time even the slightest chip can lead to more extensive tooth damage.

Sensitive Teeth Understanding and Treating Them


What is tooth sensitivity? That pain in your teeth when you eat or drink something cold, hot or even sweet. It is not uncommon and it appears over time, especially if the patient hasn’t paid attention to preventing tooth decay or using adequate products. A dentist can help you treat sensitive teeth so that you can enjoy any foods or drinks without any dental pain.

Everything about Dental Grills


Dental grills are a type of dental jewelry placed over the teeth which is still very popular. The trend is associated with the hip-hop culture and became more popular during the mid-2000s. These metal accessories for the teeth are personalized according to the tooth impression of the wearer. If you want to follow this trend and get a personalized dental grill the best thing is to talk to a dentist before getting one.