Archive June' 2016

Try Our Dental Calculator


Our dentists in Bucharest present the newly launched Save on Dental calculator, a useful tool for foreign patients who want to know how much they can save for dental treatments if they choose to request the services of our dental clinic. Patients who are in need of a dental treatment will often postpone it because of financial reasons and the lack of information regarding the actual costs of the treatment. If you are interested in dental travel abroad but are unsure of the total costs of the dental treatment in Romania, plus the accommodation and travel expense, you can now use our dental price calculator to receive a cost estimate that will help you plan your trip.

Common Causes for Bleeding Gums

Spitting blood while brushing or flossing might not raise any concerns at first. However, no sign of an unhealthy gum should be left untreated for too long. The causes for bleeding gums can be as simple as insufficient dental cleaning but the factors that trigger bleeding gums can be much serious or associated with other conditions. 

Types of Dental Bridges and the Differences Between Them


There are two types of dental bridges: fixed or removable. The decision to use one or another as a solution for replacing missing teeth will depend on the patient’s personal preference and any previous experience with dental fixtures (if any). A dentist will evaluate your case and will recommend one or another based both on your preference but also on the remaining bone and gum tissue.