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Canker Sores: Causes and Treatment


Canker sores are a small ulceration located on the mouth or lips and they are not uncommon in many dental patients. These can be caused by a variety of factors, including stress or small injuries. You should not be alarmed if they appear after a visit at the dental clinic. These small affections are bothersome but the discomfort will usually last only a few days. A dentist who sees that you are prone to canker sores after an initial visit can recommend various dietary changes and if needed, medication.

500,000 people to come for medical tourism in Dubai


Dubai is an attractive holiday destination and, in the last years, it has become an important location for dental tourism for thousands of patients all around the world. By 2020, the authorities in Dubai want to attract 500,000 medical tourists per year and to build 22 hospitals, transforming this city into a major medial tourism destination.