Treatment for Chronic Periodontitis in Romania

Treatment for Chronic Periodontitis in Romania Updated on 10/14/2015

Treatment-for-Chronic-Periodontitis-in-Romania.jpgWhat is chronic periodontitis?

Chronic periodontitis is a common oral disease that is essentially an aggravated inflammation around the tooth which involves all of the supportive tissue around it: gums and bone tissue. Periodontitis usually starts as a gingivitis and if left untreated it will evolve to a chronic condition. 
Periodontitis manifests at first as a simple redness of the gums and patients can also experience bleeding while brushing teeth. The symptoms for this type of gum disease are similar to those of its much simpler form, gingivitis. However, the key difference is that in chronic periodontitis the gum becomes separated from the teeth and forms the so called pockets that will become infected.
The best way to avoid chronic periodontitis is to seek medical attention if you suspect that you suffer from gingivitis. Our dentists in Bucharest will be able to provide a timely dental treatment plan so that you will avoid the more serious effects of periodontitis like losing teeth.

What is the treatment for chronic periodontitis?

While in gingivitis, the dentist ca still provide complete treatment to reverse the effects of the disease, in the case of periodontitis the effects on the gums can’t be completely reversed. This type of gum problem may not be painful at all, this is why many patients postpone a visit to the dentist until it is too late and the lost supporting tissue (the gum) cannot be salvaged or rebuilt.
Scaling and root planning are the usual initial treatment used for chronic periodontitis. These two types of treatment will clean the infected areas and the periodontal pocket. Gingival and subgingival curettage is a step in these dental procedures. Periodontal surgery may be needed in certain cases and the dentist can also recommend an antimicrobial treatment.
One of our dentists in Bucharest will be able to recommend a complete treatment plan after an initial visit. If you suffer from chronic periodontitis and the dentist needs to remove an affected tooth, we can also provide solutions for dental implants.

How to prevent chronic periodontitis?

Chronic periodontal disease can be prevented through thorough dental hygiene and regular visits to the dentist. Smoking can also influence the health of your gums. The progression rate of the periodontal disease can vary from one patient to the other. If you suffer from gum disease you can contact our dentists in Bucharest and schedule an appointment.
If you are interested in dental travel abroad, a dentist at one of our clinics will be able to provide more information about a dental trip to Romania. We strongly believe that dental tourism is the best affordable method for getting the right kind of quality treatment deserved by each patient.